If your FarmCam Mobility S doesn't connect it might be solved by checking each point in the list below:

1. Make sure that the camera has power. The rechargeable battery can drain fast when the camera is used much or often triggered by PIR or when it is cold outside. The rechargeable battery can not charge below 0 degrees Celsius.

2. Check that the SIM card has an active data subscription. If you use the included SIM card from Telia you check the data subscription status at my.luda.farm. If you use a SIM card from another network provider you need to activate the SIM card and have a data subscription with your operator. 

3. Check the 4G reception level at the position of the camera. A recommendation is to have at least 50 percent of the maximum possible signal strength at the position of the camera.

4. Sometimes it can take several attempts to load live video of the FarmCam Mobility S in the FarmCam 2.0 app, which means that you have to tap a couple of times with your finger tip on the “play” screen in the  the App until live video shows up. This has to do with the fact that the camera makes connection attempts when you tap on the display and sometimes the camera needs several attempts to connect. 

5. If none of the above works. Take the camera inside and charge it in room temperature. After a couple of hours, with the power adapter still plugged in, reset the camera by following these steps:

  1. Delete the camera from the FarmCam 2.0 app.
  2. Then reset the camera using the included reset-pin and make sure it syncs up when starting up (It should say "network connection succeeded").
  3. Then download the latest version of FarmCam 2.0 (ver. When installed  re-pair the FarmCam Mobility S with the FarmCam 2.0 app.

6. Please note that the camera can operate in temperatures between -10 to +55