FarmCam HD is limited to max 4 cameras per NVR. However, if you have need for 8 cameras it is possible to buy 2 kits with 4 cameras each. However, for it to work well the following is required:

  1. High internet speed (unless only TV is used for monitoring)
  2. Low level of disturbance from other networks in the surrounding area or other devices communicating on 2,4 GHz.
  3. Find out which Wifi channel your router is set to. The NVRs need to be set to channels that don't overlap with each other or the router. Let say that the router communicates on channel 1, then there is three other channels that don't overlap with each other: Channel 5, 9 and 11 that the NVRs can be set to. See picture below.

Steps to install two NVRs:

  1. Start the first NVR and connect it to a TV or screen via HDMI.
  2. Connect four cameras and make sure that all are connected to the first NVR. 
  3. Via the interface of the TV, enter Menu --> Network --> Wifi-settings.
  4. Change SSID from WIFI_NVR_AP to another name that you ca choose. The two receivers need different SSIDs.  
  5. Change channel to e.g. 5 if the router is on channel 1 and the other receiver is kept on channel 9 (according to the picture above).
  6. Change the settings and make sure that all cameras are connected to the receiver so they till get the update. 
  7. Now the two systems won't disturb eachother so you can start the second receiver and it's cameras. 
  8. Note that if you would reset the first receiver it will regain the original settings, which will make the two systems disturb eachother, in such case this process needs to be done again.