Admin Password: Here you can change the password for entering the Advanced Setting menu

Time Zone: Set the appropriate time zone for your location. This will affect the recorded file and event time stamps.

Daylight saving: If your date is during the daylight saving time period, enable this function to adjust the system time.

Device Security Code: Here you can change the password for accessing the camera feed.

Video Quality: Here you can set the video quality. The options go from lowest to highest video quality. A lower setting will allow a smoother streaming, and a higher setting will give you better resolution.

Environment Mode: Here you can set the camera to indoor or outdoor, and select the power line frequency for indoor use to avoid image flicker. The power line frequency varies depending on your geographical location. 50 Hz is used in many parts of the world, while the Americas and parts of Asia use 60 Hz.

Low Light: The low light enhancement will improve night vision image. The higher the number, the brighter the picture.

Screen Orientation: Here you can select if you want to flip and/or mirror the image from the camera.

WiFi: this is where you set up the connection to the router. See the “Basic installation of the camera in the phone/tablet app – connection to router and Internet access” section for more information.

Notify Enable: This is where you switch on the camera’s ability to notify you when a motion is detected. You also have to enable notifications in your phone/tablet and set the detection mode. See the “Motion detection” and “Push notification” sections for more information.

Detect Mode: This is where you set if and how the camera should detect motions. See the “Motion detection” section for more information.

Motion Detection: This is only visible when Detect Mode is set to Software. See the “Motion detection” section for more information.

Motion Mask: Here you can tap the areas you don't want to detect motion. Note: only available for farmCam IP2.

Time Stamp: You can change position of the time stamp. Note: only available for farmCam IP2.

E-mail: This is where you set up the email function so the camera can send you an email whenever a motion is detected. See the “Motion detection” section for more information.

SDCard Format: This command will format the SD card and erase all files. Use with caution.

Overwrite SDCard: This is where you set if the camera should overwrite the oldest files on the SD card when the SD card is full. NOTE: The camera will not be able to record once the SD card is full if you set this option to Disable.

Device Profile Setting: Here you can save the camera configuration if you would like to set up several similarly configured cameras.

Device Information: Here you can see the camera device version, and the total and available space on the SD card.