Front of  Receiver 


Power LED: Solid GREEN indicates the Receiver is supplied with power and turned on. 

HDD LED: Blinking RED indicates the Receiver is writing / reading from the hard drive. 

USB: Used for  connecting the USB mouse or a USB hard drive



Rear of Receiver






HDMI: Used as primary video output of the  Receiver to TV or monitor.

VGA: Used for connecting a TV or PC monitor  with a VGA input (please ensure the monitor you use supports the resolution setting in the menu). 

Network  (LAN) Port: Used to connect the Receiver to your router or  network for access to Internet connection. 

USB 2.0: Used for connecting the USB mouse or USB  hard drive. 

Wi-Fi Antennas: Used to communicate  with the cameras. 

DC12V 1,5A Power Input: Used to provide power to the Receiver.

eSATA: Used to connect an additional Hard Drive  for extra storage.

Audio Out: Used for connecting external speakers.