The farmCam IP system does not have a monitor. The image is viewed via an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

The camera can either create its own hotspot to which you can log on with your phone/tablet, or it can be connected to a router via wifi or cable. In hotspot mode, you must be within 50 meters from the camera (no obstacles assumed). If you want to watch the camera from anywhere, you need to connect the camera to a router with Internet connection. The camera sends the image to the router via the antenna for wifi connection or via a network cable connecting the camera and the router. Since the camera image is transmitted over the Internet, your phone/tablet needs to have mobile data switched on, or be connected to a wifi network with Internet connection.

The 2,4 GHz frequency signals are sent as radio waves in the air. The waves can penetrate most objects or bounce around them. However, the signals lose strength at every obstacle (windows, walls etc.) they need to penetrate. If trying to penetrate metal, the signal strength will be substantially reduced.