Note: If there is no Motion Detection Zone option in your App, please make sure your App is the latest version and your camera supports this feature. The cameras that support this feature are FarmCam 360S and FarmCam HD.

Note: The Motion Detection Zone will not work unless the PIR motion sensor is activated.

Please see the following link for instructions on how to configure the PIR motion sensor:

Step 1

Launch the app FarmCam 2.0 and ensure that the PIR is activated. Then select the camera whose Motion Detection Zone you want to edit. Select Device Settings (the cogwheel). Then select Detection Alarm and click on Detection Zone.

Step 2

Choose what you want to block from triggering PIR sensor detection and PIR sensor notifications (or alarms), this can be either "Person" or "Vehicle" or "Other".

Step 3

Use the "Paint" function to colour the areas where you want persons, vehicles or others to NOT trigger the PIR sensor detection and PIR sensor notifications (or alarms). Use "Erase" to clear certain areas from colour. Use "Erase All" to clear all areas from colour. Use "Paint All" to colour the entire area.

An example how this works: If you have chosen as Detection Zone "Person" and a person walks through a coloured area that person will not trigger the PIR Sensor detection and you will not receive PIR sensor notification or alarms.