1. Access the FarmCam HD menu from your TV and click on "Motion"

2. If you have more than one camera, please choose the channel number. Motion detection is configured by camera.3. Then, check the "Enable" box to enable motion detection.

4. You can then, if necessary, exclude parts of the camera field for which you do not want motion detection to be active by clicking "Setup" in the "Motion Detection" section.

5. You can also set the sensitivity level of motion detection by clicking "Setup" in the "Sensitivity" section.

6. You can also choose the times during which motion detection will be active by clicking "Setup" in the "Program" section. The system continuously logs by default.

7. Check the box "Send an email" if you want to receive an email in case of an alert. If this is the case, it will also be necessary to consult the following page and to follow the procedure: http://support.luda.farm/support/solutions/articles/14000081634-email

8. By checking the box "Push" you will be able to receive Push Notifications on your smartphone. However, this requires connecting the receiver to the internet. This is done by connecting the Ethernet cable (provided in the box) between the receiver and your router.