The 2,4 GHz band is the most widely used frequency band for wireless network. The space is limited and the signals can disturb each other. The 2,4GHz band consists of 13 channels. If you experience that FarmCam HD disturbs other devices on the network we advise you to change channel of your router or the FarmCam HD receiver so they won't overlap. Below you find a picture showing which channels that can be used to avoid overlap and disturbances. Channel 1, 5, 9 och 13 do not overlap. 

FarmCam HD is by default set to channel 9. If you would like to change the channel follow these steps:

1. Use the interface via the TV.

2. Choose Menu --> Network --> Wifi settings

3. Make sure that all your cameras are online before moving on to step 4. If they aren't online they won't find the receiver after step 4. 

4. Change to a channel that does not overlap with the channel of your router and/or other access points.