Place the outdoor antennas on the outer wall of the buildings, with as few obstacles between them as possible.


Place the antennas with as few obstacles as possible between them. Make sure there are no other objects such as a roof gutter or a drainpipe close to the antenna, as they may cause interference and decrease the signal quality.

  1. Remove the small antenna from the monitor and unscrew the cable from the camera if necessary.
  2. Drag the antenna cables to the places where you plan to put the outdoor antennas. Be careful not to break the cables, especially when mounting in cold weather. Use the 9m cable with the 90° connection with the monitor.
  3. Mount the outdoor antennas temporarily and connect them to the cables. Connect the opposite ends of the cables to the camera and monitor.
  4. Test the reception by checking the signal quality on the monitor.
  5. When satisfied with the picture, mount the antennas permanently.

Using the extra extension cable:

Included in the box is an extra 9m antenna cable. You can use this cable on the camera or monitor side. If you plan to extend the cable to the monitor you will need to use the large antenna instead of the medium one. Waterproof the cable connection with the included shrink tube if necessary.