ProblemPossible errorAction
1.     I can’t see the video stream from the camera
  1. The camera is not online
  2. The phone/tablet is not online
  1. Go through the following steps:
    1. Tap the Reconnect button in the app several times
    2. Make sure the camera power cable is connected. The red LED should have a solid light.
    3. Power cycle the camera and wait for 1 minute to allow it to boot
    4. Make sure your router has DHCP turned on.
    5. Connect a network cable between the camera and the router to see if there is a problem with the wifi connection. If so, go to (11) in this section.
    6. Reset the camera by pressing the reset button on the power cable for about 5 seconds until the red LED starts flashing. Start over with the configuration.
  2. Check your Internet connection on the phone
2.     I can’t find the camera with the app during installation
  1.  The camera is not powered
  2.  The camera has not finished booting
  3.  The camera and the phone are connected to two different networks
  1.  Make sure the camera power cable is connected. The red LED should have a solid light.
  2.  Let the camera finish booting. This can take up to a minute.
  3.  Make sure the phone is connected to the same router as the camera. Otherwise they won’t see each other.
3.     I can’t find my WiFi router
  1.  The camera is out of range
  2.  The router has only 5 GHz transmission
  1.  Move the camera or the router
  2.  Connect the camera with a network cable instead as it does not support 5 GHz
4.     The motion detection is overreacting
  1.  The sensitivity is too high
  1.  See the “Motion Detection” section
5.     The image quality is poor
  1.  The image settings are too low
  2.  The Internet connection is bad
  3.  The IR lights are on
  1.  Change the video quality. See the “Advanced Settings” section.
  2.  Move the camera closer to a router or the phone close to a cell phone tower
  3.  The IR lights will give a black and white image with less details.
6.     I can’t record any video clips
  1.  No SD card
  2.  The SD card needs formatting
  3.  Wrong filter in the Events List
  1.  Insert an SD card. The SD card slot can be found on the camera backside under the rubber lid, next to the power cable. The SD card should be Class 10 rated for best performance.
  2.  Format the SD card. See the “Advanced Settings” section. Note that all data on it will be lost!
  3.  See the Recording section
7.     The email alert isn’t working
  1.  One of the settings is not switched on
  2.  The e-mail settings are incorrect
  1.  All three settings below must be enabled
    1.  Enable email alert
    2.  Email setup
    3.  Notify enable for motion detection
  2.  Check the e-mail settings. A G-mail account is recommended. See the “Motion Detection” section for more details.
8.     Bright white spots appear at night time
  1.  The IR light is reflecting against a surface
  1.  Move the camera so the IR beams do not hit the camera lens
9.     Memory card error
  1.  The card is not Class 10
  2.  The card needs formatting
  3.  The card is full
  1.  Change the card
  2.  Format the SD card. See the “Advanced Settings” section. Note that all data on it will be lost!
  3.  Remove files from the card or set the camera to overwrite old files
10.  The wrong date/time is shown on the video clips
  1.  The time zone is incorrect
  2.  The daylight saving is wrong
  1.  Change the time zone. See the Advanced Settings section.
  2.  If daylight saving is used in your country and it is summer time, set Daylight to Enable. See the “Advanced Settings” section.
11.  The camera doesn’t work with wifi
  1.  The camera is out of range from the router
  2.  The hotspot mode is on
  3.  The camera has been reset to default
  4.  The router password is wrong so the camera can’t connect
  5.  The router SSID contains non-standard letters or symbols
  6.  The router isn't password protected.
  1.  Move the camera closer to the router.
  2. Find the camera's hotspot in your phone's wifi settings. Follow the installation guide: Quick Installation Guide : Luda.Farm 
  3.  See the previous step. The camera reverts to hotspot mode when set to default.
  4.  Check the router password
  5.  Change the router SSID name and SSID password to contain only standard letters (not åäö#& and similar)
  6.  Please note that the router must be password protected when installing the camera via WiFi. If you have other units on the network requiring a password free connection you can create a password protected guest network on the router for the camera to use.
12.  I have forgotten the password
See the FAQ section
13.  The image is black and white
  1.  The IR lights are on
  1.  The camera is placed in a dark environment. Try to move it or adjust the position.