Note: If there is no time lapse option in your App, please make sure your App is the latest version and your camera supports time lapse. The cameras that support this feature are FarmCam 360 and FarmCam 360S.

Step 1

Launch the app FarmCam 2.0 and select the camera you want to configure. Select Device Settings (the cogwheel). Then select Time Lapse.

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Step 2

Click "Create New Time Lapse Capture".

Select a Scene for Time Lapse Capture.

Customize the settings of your scene.

  • Capture Starts at: define the exact date and time when you want the capture to start.
  • Duration: select how long you want the camera to capture before it automatically finishes. The shortest duration is 1 minute while the longest duration is 830 days. If you set the duration to longer than 1 day, then you can also select the daily capture period, for example 8:00 to 18:00.

Note: You can also disable "Finish Capture Automatically" to make the camera capture continuously and also enable "Overwrite Time Lapse Files" to allow the camera to overwrite when storage is full.

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  • Interval: you can set the capture interval from 2s to 6 hours for IP cameras and 10s to 6h for battery cameras. 

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  • Quality: clear (high quality) or fluent (low quality).
  • File Type: select whether to store the time lapse capture as a photo series or a compressed video. Note that if you choose "photo", the camera can only save 10 000 photos per day.
  • Estimated video length and file size: ensure that there is enough space on the camera's SD card to store the time lapse capture. If you have enabled "Overwrite Time Lapse Files" you may lose older time lapse captures in case of insufficient storage space. To decrease the storage usage of a time lapse you can decrease the capture duration, increase the capture interval or lower the video quality.