The warranty is due, if no other terms agreed, 24 months from the date the product is purchased from the authorised Luda.Farm dealer. During the warranty time Luda.Farm is obliged to repair, alternately, replace the broken product to a similar product or a product with better functions. 

When Luda.Farm replaces the product, the new product will be covered by the original warranty during the remaining warranty time. If your product is replaced, previously used, completely functioning parts might be used. 

Replaced parts are owned and controlled by Luda.Farm. The warranty does not cover damage that have arisen due to physical damage, improper battery storage or battery management, natural aging of lithium-ion cells over time, service or repairs performed by anyone who is not a representative of Luda.Farm, accidents, natural disasters, the usage of incorrect power adaptors or usage of the products in deviant behaviors from what is recommended by Luda.Farm and in this users guide. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your warranty.

The end consumer will be responsible for all shipping costs that occur from transportation to the Luda.Farm repair shop. The warranty will only be valid if the original receipt, issued by the authorised Luda.Farm dealer, can be presented. The original receipt needs to contain information regarding place of purchase, issue date and product description. Luda.Farm reserves the right to refuse to perform the warranty service if above mentioned receipt information has been removed, changed or is missing.